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Bikkembergs BLACK Washable antibacterial masks 2-pack


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Bikkembergs BLACK Washable antibacterial masks 2-pack

Classified as collective protective devices, these washable antibacterial masks come in a convenient 2-pack and provide significantly different features as compared to generic fabric masks. With the same 3-fold design as surgical masks, these Bikkembergs masks are made of two layers of fabric: the first one, which touches the skin, is made of soft organic cotton; the second external layer is made of two-sided polyester that has been specially treated to give the mask hygienic, antibacterial and waterproof capabilities. Thanks to the carefully selected materials, these masks maintain their waterproof performance for more than 30 washes.These masks are compliant with EU regulation 2001/95/CE concerning the safety norms for the European Union and are not classified as medical devices.


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